The Prosecco, protected since 2009 by the DOCG classification under the name of Prosecco Superiore Conogliano-Valdobbiadene, is characterized by its fruity and fragrant flavor and delicate aroma. It is obtained from the Glera grapevine, an authentic variety from the region.


The grapevine is a rustic and vigorous plant with golden large yellow bunches. The wine is pale golden straw yellow in colour with greenish effects. Its aroma is that of fresh citrus, golden apple, fresh vegetables with hints of wisteria flower and honey.


The soil composition, the excellent exposure to the sun in the hills, the frequent and plentiful rain and mild temperatures from April to October as well as significant changes in warm temperature during ripening make this land the ideal environment for the production of Prosecco.


Il Prosecco is produced in two varieties: sparkling and frizz. Depending on its gentleness, it is classified as Brut (up to 12 days of residual sugar) and Extra Dry (12/20 days) and Dry (20/35 days).