Our Land


Our vineyards are located in steep slopes of the hills of Santo Stefano di Valdobbiadene, in the heart of Conogliano-Valdobbiadene, a small landscape unique for its beauty and singularity.


The area of the production of Prosecco includes 15 municipalities, and covers about  200 hectares.  at the same distance both from the Dolomities and from the Adriatic sea, a combination that influences the weather conditions in the region in a very postive way.


The vineyard is cultivated in the sunniest area of the hills at a height of 200 to 500 m above sea level while the northern part is covered by trees. The weather is mild in the entire area. The winter is never very cold and the summer is never too warm. This favourable conditions made Valdobbiane a summer destination. Venetian upper clases used to spend their summer holidays there to run away from the lagoon heat.


The Prosecco produced in Valdobbiadene represents the perfect synthesis between history and quality. Conegliano, heart of the wine culture, is also and the site of the first Winemaking School of Italy and of the first experimental Instutute of wine farming. Valdobbiadene, heart of the production, houses the major concentration of vineyards of the high hills. And a third element is added, the passion of the local men and women for wine farming accounts for the uniqueness of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene.


Conegliano and Valdobbiadene with an extraordinary history have built with time the success of Prosecco, recognized as DOCG in 2009 and thus creating an Italian style of wine drinking in a modern, informal and joyful way, that is appreciated and loved throughout the world.