Our Prosecco wine is fresh, elegant, mildly alcoholic and appropriate for any occasion.


Ambassador to  the Italian culture, the Prosecco of Valdobbiadene is a  versatile suggestion for almost any time of the day.


The local cuisine of our territory, of rural origin and rich in genuine flavors, offers vegetables, mushrooms, game, excellent cheese and typical vegetables such as red chicory of Treviso and asparagus, whose slightly bitter taste matches that  of the sweet fruity flavour of the wine which is used for preparing 'risotto' and white meat.


To embellish the table during autumn game is an excellent choice, and is always cooked on the spit, roasted or á la cacerole and served with 'polenta'.


There is a delicious variety of cheese typical of the region, such as the Bastardo, the Morlacco and the Imbriago, and homemade sausages, particularly 'la sopressa' all of which perfectly match the Prosecco.


Our wine is also appropriate with seafood dishes, like those of the northern Adriatic Sea.


Thanks to its versatility the Prosecco is a perfect wine that goes very well with sushi, sashimi, seafood and shellfish.