The Method


We own our vineyards which are located in Santo Stefano of Valdobbiadene.

After the wine harvest, which is all done by hand, the grapes are taken to the cellars to continue the process as follows:


  • Pressing process
    Con l’aiuto di macchine sofisticate che agiscono sugli acini in modo soffice, estraiamo solo il mosto fiore, che proviene dal cuore dell’acino. In tal modo da 100 chilogrammi di uva si ottengono al massimo 70 litri di vino. 
  • Decantation process
    We let the juice stand for about 18/24 hours in cold stainless steel tanks at 13-14°C. 
  • Winemaking
    Once the process of decancation is over  the alcoholic fermentation starts. It takes place in stainless steel tanks at a constant temperature of 18-20°C. This process takes 15/20 days until the final result is obtained: the base wine. 
  • Fitz and re-fermentation
    Once this base wine is completely clear, we put all the parts together and sample them.That is, the products obtained from diverse origin, harvest time, and organic features are all put together in the right proportions.
    According to the Italian method large pressurized containers are used and the wine is introduced in them. This technique allows for the preservation of the different grapes aromas and gives rise to a fruity and flowery wine.
    The classical method is also used; in such case, refermentation takes places in glass bottles.
    The italian method provides the re-fermentation in autoclave for at leat 50 days, while the clasic method the re-fermetation process takes place in glass bottles and lasts months. 
  • Bottling Up
    Now the wine is ready for the market. If the Italian method is followed it is ready after thirty days of being bottled. If the classical method is used instead, then four months of fermentation are required.