The Grapes


Winemaking for us is tradition, authenticity and a high quality product.


Our Prosecco DOCG is a delicate and elegant wine obtained from a genuine vineyard. It is composed of 95% of Glera and small quantity of other local varieties of grape types, Bianchetta, Verdiso, Perera, collected by hand in Col Funer, a prestigious hill located in the community of Stefano dof Valdobbiadene.


That is why we use methods of Fizz respecting the natural environment of grape-growing, and using only mechanical methods in order to get the best of the product.


Organic Features:

  • Color: a pale golden  straw color with greenish shades
  • Scent: the bouquet is like that of apples, ripe white peaches and witwria flowers and roses.
  • Taste:  a pleasant light creamy flavour with a mineral touch is immediately noticed