DOC is an Italian classification that guarantees the quality of wine and food. In order to fall into this category the product must observe the protection rules of both the quality and the territory allowed in the regulation.


There are two main categories:

  • DOC - accounts for the controlled and guaranteed origin
  • DOCG - accounts for the controlled,  guaranteed and allowed origin


The  DOCG classification is more strict and was established when the DOC denomination increase the value of the limited areas, particularly  where the slopes are many thus compelling the wine producers to do all the work in the vineyards by hand.


Both DOC and DOCG standards are quite similar regarding recognition but qualitatively different. For the second, executives appointed by the Government strictly control wine quality before the wine is embottled and stamped with the State seal.


Superior Prosecco Wine DOCG

Since 1969 the Prosecco is in the (DOC) category; that is in the Category of Controlled Origin (DOC). On the second half of 2009 a revision of the regulation established that Prosecco was no longer a type of vineyard but a region of well-defined boundaries, classified as area of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene.

Ever since, the quality of the Sparkling Prosecco Wine has been confirmed and formalized.


This regulation includes extremely strict norms:

  • All grapes must come only from the vineyards of the region designated in the regulation
  • The quality of the product must follow the established rules
  • Both the fizz and bottling process must take place ONLY in the hyndcellars of the province of Treviso
  • The application of the State seal is mandatory


As a consequence of this new classification (DOCG) other wines produced in the province of Treviso and formerly called  Prosecco ITG, Colli Trevigiani, were promoted to the status of PROSECCO DOC TREVISO, since all the grapes come from a widely known and very competitive grape-farming region with excellent weather and environmental conditions that help to produce a high quality wine.